Nicole Cody

Nicole is a psychic, farmer, proud member of the Country Women’s Association, and a writer across several genres.  Two of her manuscripts, Mapping the Heart and  Return to Honour were shortlisted for the 2011 Hachette/Queensland Writers Centre Manuscript Development Program, with Return to Honour being in the final selection.

Her adventures have taken her across the length and breadth of Australia, into the heart of Asia and the Pacific, and more recently, Europe. She has bravely eaten snake, crocodile, mud worms, barbequed grasshoppers and fish eyeballs in her pursuit of authentic culinary and cultural experiences.  Sadly, her worst case of food poisoning to date was from a cinnamon donut at a hotel buffet in Shanghai.  The donut had more in common with sardines than sugar.  Her comment, “this tastes quite dodgy”, was strangely prophetic.

Nicole is an avid journaller, a newly baptised  blogger, and has lately become addicted to taking photos with her iphone.


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