Charlotte Nash

Charlotte Nash was born in England and grew up riding horses in the Redlands of Brisbane. After degrees in engineering and medicine, she enjoyed an eclectic technical career. She counts the best times as building rockets, traversing the Pilbara mines and learning medicine on an army base. These days, she writes for a living, both as a gun-for-hire technical writer, and author of genre fiction. She enjoys nerd culture, and has a thing for heavy machinery, air travel and auscams.

Charlotte’s debut novel Ryders Ridge, a rural medical romance, is published by Hachette Australia (April 2013). She has also published short stories in multiple genres:

  • The Ship’s Doctor, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #47 (sci-fi)
  • The Two Boys, Every Day Fiction (3 July 2011) (post-modern romance flash)
  • Deep Deck 9, Luna Station Quarterly #10 (sci-fi)
  • The Edge, Scareship #8 (Australian fantasy)
  • Migration, The Journal of Microliterature (22 January 2013) (contemporary flash)
  • Jack, Mysterical-E – forthcoming (historical fantasy)
  • ParvazDreaming of Djinn Anthology (Ticonderoga Publications) – forthcoming April 2013 (fantasy)
  • The Message, Scareship – forthcoming September 2013 (post-apocalyptic sci-fi)

Find Charlotte online here:

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