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Ahhhh, serenity…where did I put it?

Rebekah Turner

I’ve just returned from a trip to Bundaberg, where my grandparents own and run Jo’s Roadhouse. The holiday came after Redbeard’s work sent him to do some damage assessment to houses effected in the January floods. So I thought it a good opportunity to tag along and visit family.

My grandad, grandma, aunts, and uncle, are all hard working souls who get up a few times a week at unholy hours to bake bread, pies, sausage rolls, cream donuts and so on. The roadhouse is located on a long stretch of road between Bundaberg and Seventeen Seventy (a small coastal village with beautiful beaches), and sell petrol, groceries and fresh caught seafood.

My grandma and grandad’s house is not far from the roadhouse. I stayed there for a couple of years when I was a little girl and have many fond memories of running wild around the dams and pretending to drive rusted out tractors that…

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