Rebekah Turner

Or…Redbeard tries to convince Rebekah How Cool Sci-Fi is…

Redbeard: Hello, Redbeard here, hijacking Bek’s blog. I’ve had quite a bit of success in life. Wonderful healthy kids… beautiful talented wife… a determined nature to change things around me for the better…where I have continually failed though is to get Bek drawn into the science fiction genre, as opposed to trashy 80s/90s action/horror movies. So here I am today, listing out the best sci-fi has had to offer on TV is recent years and why I think it Bek should watch them.

Rebekah: I’m only sticking around for this lesson because I got a compliment in the first paragraph.

Redbeard: On to our first example. Stargate SG-1. A show of contradictions, I intensely disliked the original movie, these days I find it ‘passable’ for Daniel Jackson if nothing else.

Rebekah: I can’t believe you are dissing Snake Plissken. Kurt Russell is awesome-pants.

Redbeard: SG1 brought…

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  1. sallyamberantler

    That smacking scene is sooooo wrong!!!!

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