Rebekah Turner

So, after my fun with Wolverine, I decided perhaps it would be timely to check out any equally memorable female comic book characters and their development. Redbeard, perhaps miffed at my treatment of poor Wolvie in my last blog, told me to google “Women in Refrigerators.” I did, and thus was born an INDIGNANT RAGE MONSTER.

What is Women in Refrigerators? says:

The term Women in Refrigerators was coined by Gail Simone in 1999 to describe a plot device that she noticed as being particularly common in superhero comics. This plot device uses the victimization of a female character in order to advance the dramatic arc of a male character. The female character may be raped, killed, de-powered or otherwise injured; the male character then takes over the story and uses her tragedy as motivation, usually for broody manpain, violent revenge, or simply to become the best hero he can be

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