Writing, writing. Hacking, hacking.

So, I’m writing, writing, writing. Am hacking my way through book 2 of my urban fantasy series. Hacking, I tells you. Limbs are flying. Structural edit ahoy! I can’t see the light yet, but I know it’s there. I’m at the point when another project beckons to you like a siren, crooking her finger sweetly, saying, hey, come over and work on me, I won’t be as hard. Well, I’m NOT FALLING FOR IT BIKIE WEREWOLVES IN TASMANIA. I shall soldier on and finish this project first. Book 2 of the Chronicles of Applecross is going to be most awesome, I can smell it in my keyboard. Or is that last nights popcorn…

Ronin the Boston Terrier, too tired to help me with structural edits. FAKER!

I’ve met some amazing writers through the experience of getting published with Escape Publishing. My website is up and people have been lovely in their congratulations. I’m reading some of the other launch author’s books and they are pretty damned good. I had a most cool write up in the paper, including a saucy excerpt of Chaos Born, which my grandmother read (yikes) and promptly showed my grandad (double yikes). And don’t talk to me about my hair in the shot. Why I didn’t flat iron it is beyond me. Whatever! Still delighted for any publicity of Chaos Born.

To inspire me in my quest to finish and polish book 2, I’ve discovered a cool new trailer soundtrack artist, Zack Hemsey. Behold! Click here to listen to some of his awesomeness. And here is another one (Please note, I still like this song, but after watching the video clip, I felt like jumping off my roof. Surgeons Warning: Don’t watch if you’re feeling a bit blue).

On that note, I’m off to hang the washing out write.


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