GenreCon 2012!!!

Woohoo! GenreCon kicks off tonight!

I haves me a costume. I haves me babysitters. I haves me a camera. Am looking forward to meeting new writer friends and listening to the panels. I’m particularly interested in hearing Ginger Clarke talk. She is a lovely agent from Curtis Brown and will be chatting about the future role of agents. I’ve seen a few agents begin to advertise services for writers looking to publish with e-publishers and have wondered how that is going to work. Then of course, I want to hear Joe Abercrombie talk about his work and worldbuilding methods. I’m planning on taking heaps of photos at the Pistols and Parasols Banquet, and sincerely hope my corset will hold tight for the night.

So, I’m off now for a good writerly time, and coming home with my pants on my head!


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  1. So jealous! Wish I’d taken the weekend off. I want to go!

  2. sallyamberantler

    can you explain the pants on head comment?? 🙂

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