Ronin the Boston Terrier’s Most Awesome Review of Classic B Grade Stuff

Ronin the Reviewer

Hello, my name is Ronin the Boston Terrier. I am very unimpressed that my mistress, Sister Rebekah, has not finished her blog on purple prose in romance, entitled: Oh La La! Are those Titties I See?

So I am posting my own blog. Here we go…

Ronin’s Review of: Guilty Pleasures

by Laurell K. Hamilton

“My name is Anita Blake. Vampires call me “The Executioner”. What I call them isn’t repeatable.”

Rebekah cut her Urban Fantasy teeth on Laurell K Hamilton’s adrenalin-fuelled, blood-soaked adventure, Guilty Pleasures, the first book in the Anita Blake series. This is a series that has been credited in establishing urban fantasy in popular fiction by bridging romance with the supernatural. Not that others hadn’t done it before, but Hamilton’s hard-boiled writing style and Anita Blake’s uncompromising character was, at the time, fresh and new.

Anita Blake works as an animator; raising zombies for money. She also doubles as a court appointed vampire executioner. In Hamilton’s well-realised world, vampires are out of the closet and petitioning for the right to vote.

When Rebekah read this book, nearly ten years ago, Anita Blake rocked her FREAKING socks off. She’d never read anything like it before. Anita was a fascinating character. She went to church, had strong morals, could kill a man with her belly button and slept with a stuffed penguin called Sigfried. Of course, now the series is up to something like nineteen books and the tone has changed dramatically. But that’s another story.

Guilty Pleasures follows Anita as she investigates a murder with the police, acting as a consultant (a plot point that is something of a cliché now). A rampaging ghoul is mutilating bodies and Anita has to find and kill it. Her second problem is the master of the city blackmails Anita into finding out who is murdering vampires. The horror! The horror! And much horror there is, churned together with sex, action and great beats of humour.

The narrative in Guilty Pleasures zooms at light-speed. Rebekah remembers devouring it in two days. The book reads like if Anne Rice lived in a trailer park, ate greasy Chinese food and packed a pistol. There’s with great sexual tension between Anita and the vampire Jean Claude, though, personally, Rebekah didn’t like Jean Claude. He dresses like a pimp and says ma petite too much. There’s the ice-cold assassin, Edward, who is so cool, I suspect he wears sunglasses at night. Then there’s a rat king, a stripper called Philip, and references John Carpenter movies.

What’s not to love? If you’ve never read this book and have a thing for classic trash, this book is a killer read.

Peace out.

Ronin the Destroyer


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  1. sallyamberantler

    Ronin, you’ve convinced me I gotta try! It was the killer belly button that did it.

  2. Rebekah Turner

    Thanks Sally! Belly buttons are so underrated.

  3. Hi Bek,

    I’m not sure what I laughed more at: your hilarious (or, should I say, the dog’s) review, or the pictures of Ronin…


  4. Ronin, honestly… you rock!!! Classic trash? I just never knew. Thanks for the enlightenment. Mwah xx

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