Getting to know your cast

One thing I struggle with in my first drafts is getting to know my cast. Really knowing my characters, so I’ve captured their voice and know them like a friend. I’ve found with past projects, sometimes I don’t ‘get’ my characters until the second draft. With one story recently, I got to a scene where I was being very nasty to a character I quite liked and found myself very upset. How could I do that to him? What would become of him now? I felt his loss and was surprised at how sad that scene was for me to write (I admit it! I had a little cry!). Considering my plans for his story arc in the following stories, I think I shall have to steel myself somewhat. I love him to bits and I’m going to be very, very, very bad to him.

I’m a sad wittle puppy

Now, I’m still getting to know my cast for the Bikie Werewolf story. I’m nearly at the end and I haven’t got a feel for the main female protagonist, which is terribly annoying and I suspect means she has dragged into life with a cookie cutter. An easy fix will be to FINISH the story first, then go back and flesh her out some more, so she lives and breathes like the rest of us. Fortunately I have a scene coming up where she rescues herself from the bad guy and I think that will help. You can tell a lot about a woman after she kicks her attacker in the balls.

Of this, I am sure.

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  1. Bek! It sounds like you have been kicking arse (and balls) lately! You put me to shame. Will call soon to catch up 🙂

  2. Rebekah Turner

    Hey, I’m writing, but I never said it was good! You will kick my butt soon enough.

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