E-books! Who knew?

When I was in primary school, Happy Days became the most popular show on television. My dad, ever a dickwad, wouldn’t let me watch it however. He was very keen that I didn’t follow the flock and was sure that watching “American rubbish” like Happy Days would corrupt me in some way. Then, many many months (maybe even a year) later, he relented and I got to watch my very first ep of the show.

The next day at school, I could finally talk about the show. Haha, I said with a forced yet knowing laugh, did you see what Fonzie did last night? Isn’t he cool? I wasn’t to know that by then, everybody was already very familiar with the Fonz’s antics, and I had said the equivalent of “hey isn’t that yellow thing up there in the sky the sun?”

Similarly, I got an iPad last week, primarily for the purposes of reading, and have been downloading books like a maniac. Oh god it’s so convenient. You see the book you like and you go “click” and then you have the book, you have the book RIGHT THERE ALREADY, and you can just read it. You can read the book. Just after you had the thought that you might like to read the book!

So I’m saying to everybody, hey e-books! And they’re all looking at me like they did back in primary school, when I spoke about the Fonz like I’d just discovered him.

So yeah. Hey. E-books!


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