Wo-hooo! So, come August, I will be attending the Romance Writers of Australia 21st Annual Conference with one of my fellow sisters. I am knee groin neck-deep in the second MS of my contemporary fantasy series and planning to finish ASAP (Come on brain and fingers! Type faster, accurse thee! Be silent, children who crawl around my feet, sticking forks into wall sockets!). At the conference, I will be pitching “Blackgoat Watch”, the first in the series, so fingers crossed! Am seeing the pitch session right now: my glossy hair falls in perfect waves, my make-up is flawless, I confidently make eye contact (but not too much!) and laugh (but not too much!), I don’t stammer or repeat myself. I don’t accidentally spit. I don’t go bright red. Most importantly: I. DO. NOT. WAFFLE. No. I am Pitch Goddess. I think I need a talisman, like Wonder Woman underpants. Must remember not to mention underpants in pitch.

Then come November, I will be flying to Sydney to attend GenreCon, which will also be awesome! Some of the headliners are: Joe Abercrombie, Ginger Clark from Curtis Brown (Who liked my email pitch I sent early in the year and requested a partial. Project was passed on, but I was still over the moon my pitch got me to second base – woot woot!), Anna Campbell, Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (which I have been reading forever) and the always brilliant and magnificent Kim Wilkins.

So, a brilliant year still ahead! If only this manuscript would write itself. Curse you, stubborn protagonist! Be witty! Solve that crime! Kick that guy’s head in! DO something! Don’t just stand there waiting for me!


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  1. sallyamberantler

    You rock, Bek!

  2. Hahaha Bek u r hilarious! And brave! I’m sure you’ll be pitch perfect at RWA. And I CAN’T WAIT to play with you at GenreCon 🙂

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