Frosty Cupcake of Success

A while ago I read an interesting blog entry. The author, Rachel Aaron wrote about how she got her word count up to nearly a bazillion a day. There’s a second blog about her 12 Days of Glory as well, which was also inspiring. I’ve been struggling with getting in 500 a day, so I was interested in this bazillion number and how she got there.

The recipe for this frosty cupcake of success was:

1)        Plan what you’re going to write before you sit down to do so.

2)       Identify where you are the most productive at writing .

3)       Be enthusiastic. If the scene bores you, it probably bores the reader.

Hell, she even had a nifty little diagram done up. I call it: The Triangle of Bleeding Obvious But Never Really Thought About It.

Most Awesome and Obvious Graph

And I felt it helped me.

I had the most time to write at night after the kids went down, but I was also at my most tired and unenthusiastic. Somehow I always ended up on the internet, googling images to put on my imaginary cover for my imaginary finished novel. The flip side being if I really got into the slipstream of the story, I had a lot of difficulty in winding down and getting to sleep.

So I buckled down and really thought about it. I knew from past experience that mornings were my best times. Time to make the switch from night writes to morning cups of crazy at the keyboard listening to Two Steps From Hell really, really loud. Great music, wakes me up, just has the unfortunate side-effect of making me type a lot of exclamation marks!!! But hell, if I really wanted to hit a home run, then I go to a café, where I focussed the best.

The enthusiasm side of it more came down to me seeing the scene clearly enough. Where my characters acting faithfully to their personalities? How did they FEEL? What were their EMOOOTIONS?  I needed to listen to the music of the scene in my head and think about it for a good ten minutes. Sometimes, all I can hear is the chirping of crickets, with my characters just staring at me, waiting for a clue. Or worse, they were asleep and I couldn’t wake them up.

So, with café writes earmarked for weekends and Thursday late night shopping at the local cafe, I’ve been making changes that will hopefully become habit.

Anchors ahoy!

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  1. This is great! Thanks, because I absolutely lack any routine, so much so that I have even forgotten I was supposed to be writing a novella!!!

  2. Triangle of the Bleeding Obvious – classic!

  3. Oh you’re hilarious, Bekstar! And very inspiring xo

  4. Very nifty ideas for writing … i’m a “sit down and whip it off”, writer — a lot like i paint. Hmmm. Thanks for this practical guide. Good tip on music.

  5. sallyamberantler

    Makes heaps of sense, Bek. Getting real about what works and actually doing it, instead of bashing head against brick wall of what clearly isn’t working. Bleeding Obvious, yes, perhaps, but also Bloody Brilliant.

  6. Thanks for making me laugh, Bek. You always seem to do that. And hooray for cafe writing. It’s right up there for me too. xx

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