Flash-off! #1 – Da Smackdown

I have a love for flash fiction; I’ve even had a piece published (here – gratuitous plug). Flash is nippy – the perfect quickie with concentrated punch … sharing a name with both a superhero and a mode of public indecency. That’s all fine, but I wanted more. More intensity, more trash talk. So, combining the powers of writing races with WWE lingo, I bring you Flash-off!

The rules:

Two writers get one hour to produce a piece of flash fiction, 1000 words or less. The theme is given just before the hour. Spectators watch the duel, and perhaps provide coffee. No tag-teaming allowed. At the end of the hour, both pieces are read to general applause. Then, they get posted up here for your vote!

Simple, huh? It will be, of course, until we add spandex. I hope to attract ever-increasing interest, both from our local talent pool, and international faves. In my dreams, Neal Stephenson shows up and gives it a crack. And maybe The Rock to hoist the round number high. 😉

Round #1:

Flash-off! #1 will be Sunday 25 March 2012 at high noon, SLQ cafe, State Library, Southbank. Sisters vs. sisters. Spectators welcome!

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Writer and editor, loves Australia

Posted on March 23, 2012, in Charlotte Nash and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I am (nervously) interested!

  2. sallyamberantler

    I can soooo see the sistahs in Nacho Libre-esque outfits doing this! Awesome!!!

  3. I am soooo entering via the delights of internet connection. Here at my farm I may forgo spandex, but perhaps I shall wear a flowery teapot cosy on my head to keep my neural pathways firing.

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