Yes, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio should have taken his shirt off in that movie too. Oh wait, sorry, I mean, welcome to the Inception of Our Blog.

Hello, my name is Rebekah and this is the first blog entry for Sisters of the Pen.

This blog came about after a discussion in my writers group about exposure in the Big Wild World and Creating Platforms for Our Craft in the Big Wild World. Okay, I made that up. This blog came about after I realised I didn’t want to blog alone and begged my sisters to join me. Which they all agreed would be an awesome-pants adventure.

A bit about myself: at this point in time, I’ve submitted a contemporary fantasy to the Penguin’s Monthly Catch and while my fingers are crossed, my hopes are set at an appropriate level. Curse that flicker of hope!

For my in progress writing projects, I’m currently working on a werewolf biker love story and hoping to have it completed in the next couple of months. Research has involved watching 80’s biker movies with Charlie Sheen doing crack and giving Michael Marsden the crazy eye. To balance this, I am also watching werewolf movies like Blood and Chocolate, The Howling and Ginger Snaps 1 and 2.

Of course, then I realise I’m just watching movies and not writing.

Speaking of which, while I am technically writing now, this does not contribute to my diet of 500 words, so I shall now sign off, gird my loins and transport my mind far, far away.

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  1. Nice one Bek! Ah, 500 words a day…I dream of being able to do that again one day. Haven’t even opened the document for weeks 😦

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